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Controller Modules

The controller modules provide access to wrappers for add on boards such as HATs.

Access to some selected individual add on board functions is provided by some of the HiPi::Interface::* modules which provide a higher level interface to some functions of the appropriate HiPi::Controller::* module

For example, the Energenie ENER314_RT add on board provides 2 way RF communication with external devices such as the Energenie range of switches, monitors and controllers.

The module HiPi::Controller::ENER314_RT provides access to the ENER314_RT add on board functions.

The module HiPi::Interface::ENER002 provides a high level interface to Energenie ENER2002 switches and can use HiPi::Controller::ENER314_RT as a backend.

The following HiPi::Controller modules are provided.

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